Measurement and Testing

Pro QC conducts properties, performance and lifecycle testing at our labs in Ningbo, China and Chicago, USA. Custom fixtures and test methods are crafted in-house. For testing that is not performed at Pro QC, we have alliances with accredited labs in many locations worldwide to offer you virtually any type of product testing you may need.

Available testing includes:

  • Metrology, first article analysis
  • Portable CMM for both in-house and on-site bookings
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) screening for lead, RoHS and material analysis of various plastics, stainless steel and copper alloys both in-house and on- site
  • Mean time to failure
  • Salt spray
  • Abrasion
  • Hot and cold environment performance (chamber) with humidity control
  • Battery performance and service life
  • Hi-pot
  • Extraction force
  • Rockwell hardness
  • Sample Collection Service

We regularly add new capabilities; please contact us for a current list of available testing.